Ceramic Coating

Carz Street at Thaltej near SG Highway is the Best Car Spa in Ahmedabad. We are the famous and most reputable Car services providers in Ahmedabad with our high-tech car repair center. Our advanced ceramic coating solutions ensure that your car body is completely protected against dangerous UV rays, chemical stains, and other varieties of harmful impacts from different materials. Our 9AH Ceramic Coating and 11AH Ceramic Coating solutions are the best for Shine Restoration of your car. See our detailed Ceramic Coating package.

Key Advantages of Ceramic Coating :

  • An extra layer of protection for your car
  • Ceramic Coating repels dirt and mud
  • Car will be easier to clean
  • No frequent waxing needed
  • Your car will look newer for a long time
  • Ceramic Coating protects car paint
  • Your car will shine great like forever

Visit Carz Street in Ahmedabad now and book your Ceramic Coating appointment today. You can also get in touch with us by just giving us a call.

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